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Alarms Phuket Services Co. Ltd.

Sun Palm Village

403/63 Moo 9, Soi Khok Tanot, Chaofa EAST Road

Chalong, 83130 Phuket      Thailand

Franck:  085 798 9469

Khae:  095 076 5496

Since November 2010


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Alarms Phuket Services company was founded in 2010 by Franck Chaudron.

Electronics engineer training, I have always been fascinated by cameras and alarms.

In 30 years security systems have evolved with much more compact alarms work by microprocessors, IP cameras in HD and Full HD for a very good image definition.

They are visible on your mobile phone, Pad and computer anywhere in the world with internet.

Internet allows us to work, control all remote systems alarms and cameras.

Your security is our priority.

Thieves are increasingly common here in Phuket, so do not expect to be burgled,

 install a security system before it's too late!