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The very convenient and newly developed electronic VIBRARANDOM SNAKECHASER is powered on a set of 4 pcs. D size alkaline battery.  Just insert 4 pcs. D size (1.5V) alkaline battery and bury the VIBRARANDOM SNAKECHASER at an angle around 30 degree into the ground.  Be sure to leave 1/5 portion of the aluminum shaft on the ground.  Do not use a mallet, hammer or excessive force as this may damage the unit.The VIBRARANDOM SNAKE REPELLER will generate unique and random vibrations plus strikes travelling far underground.  For snakes, the vibrations and strikes are the signals of danger.  


This could cause snakes be aware of the danger and frighten them away.  


The unique hibernated circuitry design and random vibration generation allow the battery lifespan at 12 months  (might be varied due to different brand of battery) for day and night, 24 hours constant operation.





 Dimensions:   41.5cm (L) x 6.5cm (Diameter)


 Weight:    410 grams w/o battery


 Power Supply:    1.5V (4 x D cell batteries)


 Duration of Interval:   15 – 75 seconds randomly


 Duration of Sound Vibration:  1.5 – 3.5 seconds randomly


 Effective Coverage:       within 300 sq. Meters unobstructed




1. To open, unscrew the top cover anti-clockwise.


2. Remove battery box and insert 4 x 1.5V (D size) alkaline battery as indicated ‘+‘ and ‘-‘ polarities.  If battery installation is correct, you should hear the first vibration sound in 20 seconds.


3. After ensuring battery installation is correct, replace battery box and tighten the top cover to ensure 100% maximum weather protection.


4. Insert  VIBRARANDOM  SNAKECHASER into the ground at the angle around 30 degree and leave 1/5 portion of the shaft on the ground.


5. Your VIBRARANDOM  SNAKECHASER will work Day and Night in your garden and yard.

up to 2 pieces unit Price     1,800 Baht


More 3 pieces unit price      1,600 Baht

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